Interpretation services

We provide services for the deaf, deafblind, or anyone who uses sign language or signed speech as their main communication method. Our interpretation services guarantee you can be a fully functioning member of the society in all situations. If needed, our sign language interpreters can also interpret from English to sign language and from Swedish to sign language.

Sign language interpretation

We offer interpretation services for private individuals and for those who operate in the public sector. You can hire our sign language interpreters for any life situation, whether it be running errands, a meeting, a hobby, or a festive occasion. A professional interpreter is a conveyor of language and culture, and an interpreter’s job is to make the client’s everyday life run smoothly.

Speech-to-text interpretation

In speech-to-text interpretation the interpreter transfers the speaker’s message into written form. We offer speech-to-text interpretation for those who do not use sign language as their main method of communication. In speech-to-text interpretation our interpreter types the speech into text on a computer screen. If needed, the interpretation can be projected on a projection screen as well.

Interpretation for the deafblind

Our interpreters have specialized in interpreting for the deafblind, which means that the interpretation uses tactile signing. Usually this is done by signing hand-over-hand, or if the receiver has a limited field of vision tracking may be used. Guiding the customer and describing the environment is also a part of this type of an interpretation.

Interpretation in educational settings

We provide interpretation in educational settings for post-compulsory education. In this scenario, we use sign language interpretation and speech-to-text interpretation.

Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting is suitable for many situations from short errands to long meetings. In remote interpreting the interpreter and the client who has a right to interpreting services are physically in different places. For remote interpreting, you will need an internet connection and a computer or a smart mobile device.

Our interpreters will carry out interpretation assignments as remote interpreting if the client so wishes. For remote interpreting we use the platforms Microsoft Teams and Zoom as they are approved for the interpreting assignments booked through the Social Security Institution of Finland (Kela).

Translation services

In addition to sign language interpretation, we also offer translation services from Finnish to English and English to Finnish. If needed, we will also proofread and edit written texts and ensure that texts are easy to read and understand. At the moment, we do not provide certified translations.

We bill by the hour when it comes to text translations, and the price is based on the length of the text, the vocabulary and the topic. We can give you a more specific price once we know what the translation project is like.